How to be an Inspirational Public Speaker not just an Informational Public Speaker.

DSC_5448Just recently I have been working with experienced presenters who have the self confidence and experience and expertise to stand up there and strut their stuff in front of an audience.  And at this level it strikes me that sometimes the difference between a competent and confident speaker and a speaker who is all of that AND engages and motivates an audience is whether that speaker is giving out information or one who aims to inspire others to action.

What’s the difference between informational and inspirational speaker? To me it boils down to six key areas

An informational speaker will appeal to logic, an inspirational speaker appeals to emotion.  Maya Angelou is credited with saying, that people will forget what you do and say but they will never forget how you made them feel.

An informational speaker is conveying statements and facts and descriptions to make their point. An inspirational speaker will be sharing their material and message through story, examples, pictures and personal connection

An informational speaker knows that the audience needs to remember and recall their presentation so they will have slides with information on, handouts for people to take away and emphasis on the important elements of the content. The inspirational speaker knows that the audience need to remember and recall the message so they will share stories with an emotional connection in, they will show pictures, they will ‘seed’ their message throughout and focus on repeating, emphasizing and echoing the key message

An informational speaker will provide detail and content and lots of ‘what’ and ‘how’.  The inspirational speaker will provide vision and context and a huge ‘why’.

An informational Speaker will delver a presentation based on who is in the audience – number, background, position in company and their needs and desires.  An inspirational speaker will deliver a presentation based on who is the audience – life experiences, what is causing them delight and pain, their dreams and frustrations.

An informational Speaker will focus on being a professional and well prepared public speaker.  They will know their presentation back to front.  An inspirational speaker will focus on being a professional and well-prepared public speaker AND as well as knowing their message and the flow of that message will focus on creating a shared experience and connection between them and each individual in that audience as far as they can.

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