How to add a sense of drama to your presentations…

Excuse me for being personal – but do you visit the bathroom before you stand up to speak in public?

How do you add some drama, some passion, some energy to a presentation?  Apparently Enoch Powell, MP shared his secret tip: always deliver your speech with a full bladder. He believed it added a sense of drama to the proceedings!  Well, I am not sure I would be recommending that! Rather than drama , I think it might add a sense of desperation to the proceedings.

Here are some (less dangerous) suggestions for spicing up your presentations:

1. Be clear on your message and get excited about it.  This is different to listing your content and then delivering it. It is about really understanding why you are speaking and the difference you want it to make for your listeners.

2. When you practice and rehearse, deliver it as you will be delivering it on the day.  Don’t whizz through it in your head or recite it so you can memorise it or even run through it in your head without saying it out loud. Deliver it at a pace and with the feeling and expression that you want to deliver in front of your audience.

3. Pause. Often. And again. Pause. Pause to build up anticipation. Pause to allow audiences to understand the power of what you have just said. Pause to emphasise and illustrate. and then pause some more.

4. Shape your content as stories – give yourself the opportunity to relate conversations, questions, realisations. Allow yourself and your audience to experience the drama of a story

5. Don’t tell your presentation : live it.  Be in the moment as you deliver.  You are not passing over a report verbally to the audience, you are delivering a personal message. So make sure that you are in the room – reaching out to, building rapport with each of the individual members of your audience.

And of course, pay a call before you stand up – no need to make things more exciting than they need to be!

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