How much do you notice?

I’m as guilty as the next person of multi-tasking. Often when I’m walking the dogs, I’ll use that time for testing out conversations, presentations, training. In between throwing balls and calling back dogs in a squirrel hunt, I’ll run through what sounds good, crafting a story (or even a post like this one)

It works. I find my best ideas come when I’m walking and there’s some interesting evidence to uphold why this is the case.


Yesterday I walked into the wood. And I just was. Look at those colours. Aren’t they glorious? And although it wasn’t raining, the sound of the leaves falling off the trees and pitter-pattering through the woods was magical. The stream gurgled away with recent heavy rainfall and the muddy path sloshed and slurped under my feet. It was wonderful.

Do you multi-task?
Where do you come up with your good ideas?
How important is it to you to sometimes stop and notice what’s around you?

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