How do you get your listeners to ‘dive ‘ into your presentation?

I’m about to go swimming in the lake. It’s eight o’clock in the morning. It is September.  The lake is about 14 degrees (not entirely sure about that but I’m guessing).

So, there’s a bit of acclimatising to go on. I’ve been learning that for me, walking in slowly but purposefully and then after checking I’m still breathing, immerse myself in the water, works.

But my friend likes to get her feet wet and then dive in with a shout and a splash.

It’s made me think about how we acclimatise our listeners. Sometimes we need to guide our listeners and help them to tune in and be brave and ‘enter the waters’. Other times we need to wake them up and hook them in! (Mixed metaphor?)

Either way, what we shouldn’t do is leave them on the shore or faff about when they want to go in. Craft your opening and make sure it’s high energy and purposeful. Agree?

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