How do people listen in remote meetings?

We had an interesting conversation today about how to indicate that you’re listening in a remote meeting and how, as speaker or Chair, you can get the clues that people are listening, processing and agreeing/disagreeing.

It highlighted again the challenge remote meetings bring. Face to face, if you are ‘present’ in the meeting, you pick up so much from the vibe of the room. You’ll be using peripheral vision to pick up on those subtle clues people will be giving out and the responses and reactions of others.

In remote meetings, you have to be more overt and intentional about this. It can feel weird asking people directly, but we should. We need to be stopping more often and checking in with their listening and how they are responding. Yes, of course, we can scan the screen and pick up on facial expressions and behaviours, but that’s not as accurate a source of data that is was face to face.

What questions do you ask to check in with your listeners?
What clues and cues can you pick up on?

In today’s session, we decided to use the technology (the hands up button) and the chatbox and stop more frequently and ask for a visual indication of where people were at with their processing. I’ll be back with the group next Wednesday to see how they’ve got on

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