How are you working ON your business this week?

How are you working on your businessAs I write this I have a fantastic week ahead of me.  It includes designing a module for a personal effectiveness programme I am running for a corporate client, delivering a presentation to one of my favourite networking groups, facilitating one of my monthly speaking groups with a group of lively and determined women in business and visiting a new breakfast networking group recommended to me by a contact.  Oh…and in addition I will be looking forward to two speaking events, co-writing a tender for a leadership programme and a whole day with my four year old (probably going swimming and to the library). 

If I analyse these activities something interesting emerges: 50% of the list is what I would call my core business.  I am a presentation skills trainer and coach and I design and deliver corporate leadership development programmes.  The other activities are about working ON my business as well as IN my business – networking, speaking, tendering. And do you see the common thread?  I have made a decision to grow and market my business through using my speaking skills.  Of course you could argue that that is an obvious choice for me given what I do and yes, speaking in public is a great way to show case to people what and how I go about my work.  But…have you considered using your speaking skills to grow and market your business?  Here is a list of things you might think about:

Networking  – using your ‘elevator pitch’ wisely and powerfully
Guest speaker for groups and corporates and events
Running your own events – seminars, training, specific events for clients
Internal training & development for your team
Speaking at conferences and exhibitions and expos
Blogging – ok, not exactly speaking in public in the traditional sense but certainly getting your voice out there
Joint presentations with colleagues/peers/similar businesses


You would be surprised at how many opportunities there are out there for you to present and the positive outcomes are these:

  •        You raise your profile (business and you personally)
  •        You become the ‘go-to’ person for your area of expertise
  •        You leverage your time rather than focus on winning business one by one
  •        You extend your reach and influence

If you would like to chat about how presenting can help you and your business then call on 07946604859 or email on

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