Hourly Sessions

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Get it? Got it? Good!

Sometimes what you need is a short sharp session targeted on a specific outcome.  My Five £99 Hourly sessions offer just that. A chance to work on a specific area of speaking, crammed full of techniques and tools to help you, immediately.What do you want to be able to nail in an hour? 

Nail your Networker Introduction

What do you do again?

In an hour, you’ll be able to answer that most difficult of questions, what do you do?  You know these times when you have to stand up at a networking meeting (or sit in the case of Zoom!) and tell everyone about our business in 1 minute….and you don’t know what to say or how to say it? This session gives you a framework to say what you do clearly and concisely and in a way that people understand and can remember afterwards


Online Energy & Engagement

Oh My!  Zoom Fatigue!  Soul-sapping meetings!  Passive presentations!

In these days of increasingly communicating using online platforms like Zoom and teams, we need to be able to bring an energy to our presentations, meetings and reports over and above the face to face situations.  This session focusses on practical ways to engage your listeners and deliver in a way that increases the energy not saps it away!

Testimonial: I had the pleasure of receiving public speaking coaching from Catherine Sandland in the last two weeks, in preparation for an hour long live interview over Instagram and Zoom at the same time. Catherine built my skills, in particular she tackled nerves, content and delivery.

It was engaging and fun, Catherine was both incisive and nurturing. I really believe I have grown as a public speaker, but also developed my loose script analysing content and methods of delivery. Highly practical, interactive. Catherine is clearly drawing on a wealth of real world experience and I highly recommend her as a public speaking coach. I actually enjoyed my full hours live. I got in absolutely everything I wanted to say on my first one. Thank you so much. Tracey Telford June 2020


From Panic to Poise

There are lots of reasons why you might not like standing up and speaking to groups.  But I am great believer* that when the ‘why’ is important enough, then we will find that resourcefulness that helps us to grab the bull by the horns.

This session gives you some practice techniques and tools to help you discover that resourcefulness and give yourself the opportunity to make your difference.

Banish the panic and welcome the poise

* I believe this so strongly, here is my TEDx talk on this very subject

Testimonial: Following many years of requests to ‘speak’ at various events, which I’d always politely declined to do, I contacted Catherine to see if she could help me overcome my fears. I understood that Public Speaking was a part of my role but it was always something I felt uncomfortable doing and to talk about ‘Me’ left me feeling even more awkward.

Catherine helped me to piece together the story of my Professional life to date, the ups & downs of establishing and growing a business, along with the impact it had made to my life and how it had developed me as a person. It was a fascinating experience for me to look at everything that I’d undertaken and realise how exciting, challenging and rewarding the journey had been.

I would definitely recommend Catherine to anyone considering Public Speaking in whatever capacity, as she has a wonderful way of easing your fears or concerns and helps you to deliver a confident, entertaining presentation. Yes, I still feel nervous when it’s time to speak but Catherine trained me to embrace these nerves in a positive way and by adopting her ways of organising my notes, I quickly relax once the talk begins.


NEW: by popular request Be a Meeting Matador

If you’ve lurched from meeting to meeting or Zoom call to Zoom call and are losing the will to live, then this one hour session gives you the framework and the tools to ensure that your meetings achieve what they need to, in the time allocated ( or less) and where people leave energised not in a puddle on the floor.  Perfect for Chairs or people who present regularly at meetings


NEW: by popular request Craft Your Story

Stories are the zest and life of a presentation.  But not everyone can tell them or know how to craft them.  As my Yorkshire Mum says, ‘Some people tell a story from ‘thread t’ needle’ .   If you want to use stories to enliven your presentations, recognise the power of stories in having an impact and influence on your audience, then this hour-long session will show you exactly how to do it.


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