Go on…we all love a quick quiz and this is all about your presentation style

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 06.44.57Just circle the answer which is most like you.  Find out what your approach tells you about yourself at the bottom and read about our recommendations


When faced with the opportunity to speak in public do you

a.   Wish you could, realise you can’t and stay schtum

b.   Stand up.  Stand out and speak out

c.    Grab the opportunity even though your heart is beating ten to the dozen and you are not sure         what to say or how to say it

d.    Grab the opportunity and start to formulate a key message and a structure that flows

When you are asked to give a presentation do you

a.   Start going down with some mysterious virus so that you can get out of it?

b.   Cry ‘woopdewoop’ and skip all the way to next meeting

c.    Confidently say ‘yes’ and then go and cry in a cupboard for half an hour as the enormity of the task   hits you

d.    Confidently say ‘yes’ and make a list of good questions to ask the organiser so that you can plan      carefully and accurately

When you prepare for a presentation do youScreen Shot 2013-06-18 at 06.45.09

a.       Not know how to start so decide to wing it anyway

b.      Build in time to formulate ideas, structure slides and rehearsal

c.       Open up the laptop, list your key ideas on PowerPoint and talk your way through them by way of a rehearsal with a list of information on paper as a safety net

d.      Start to think of what the key messages are, what the audience need to hear and what it will         sound like by speaking it out aloud.  Then start to write prompts and finally slides if necessary

When you deliver a presentation do you

a.       Just get through it as fast as you can using notes or a  script

b.      Deliver in a conversational, relaxed natural style and goes with the flow

c.       Use the PowerPoint slides as a guide and talk around and about them, scanning but not maintaining eye contact in case you get too distracted.

d.      Speak to the audience rather than at them using words, phrases and stories carefully chosen and crafted to have maximum impact and motivate action.  Use a style which is participative and engaging.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 06.45.03

Mainly a) The thought of presenting brings you closer to panic than to poise. While you recognise that presenting is a valuable and powerful way of communicating and influence, you are not sure yet what to say nor how to say it.  Because at the moment you do not have a clear set of techniques and templates and you haven’t developed some skills of delivery, you are missing out on the opportunities to speak or messing them up.

We recommend a half day workshop ‘From Panic to Poise which gives you a failsafe approach to preparing for and delivering presentations and will transform the way you think about speaking in public.

Mainly b) You like presenting and use these opportunities to raise your exposure, your go-to expert status and to influence and persuade others. Other people may well look at you and admire and appreciate your confident approach and natural style. Indeed they may think that it all just comes naturally and you were just born that way! That belies a commitment to deliver in the best way possible for your audience and the preparation you put into your presentations. Underneath the surface though you may have a sneaky suspicion that you could be even better.  That while your presentations are good you have a desire to make them brilliant and take them from informative to inspiring.

We recommend our two day workshop Phenomenal Woman Presentations Skills.  In the two days you will add numerous techniques to your bank of existing skills, learn how to inspire and motivate from the ‘stage’, receive direct and supportive feedback on your style and raise your game.

Mainly c) You will accept the challenge of giving presentations and already have a practical and planned approach to preparing for and delivering presentations. You are learning to overcome your apprehension about speaking.  BUT you would love to be a more relaxed and motivating speaker AND you recognise that being brilliant at speaking could open up even more opportunities for you.

We recommend either the ‘From Panic to Poise’ half day event for an overview and sound approach and specific ‘calm those nerves’ techniques or the two day programme ‘Phenomenal Woman Presentation Skills’ where you can immerse yourself in developing strategies and confidence as you find your voice, your personal style and your persuasive delivery

Mainly d) You got it!  And you probably recognise that to keep it you need to keep presenting and keep working on those skills so they don’t get dusty or sloppy.

We recommend the monthly Speaking Club meetings where you can work with other like minded women who want to make a difference and reach out to others and recognise that presentations is a fast and effective way of doing this.   Each month they get to learn a new technique, practice and get immediate feedback.  Or if you have a specific presentation you would like to prepare and practice with expert help, then book in a coaching session with Catherine.

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