When flying by the seat of your pants can backfire!

seatofpantsDo you use a script? Do you fly by the seat of your pants? Do you use the Powerpoint to prompt you what to say?There are a myriad of ways you can ‘write’ your presentations and then deliver it. But here are some things to consider:

  1. When we write a script, it is tricky to avoid writing Written English as opposed to language we would use when we are speaking to someone.   So we end up sounding stilted or somehow just not ‘us’. When audiences pick up on this incongruence they struggle to build rapport, trust and often willingness to ‘buy in ‘ to our message
  2. Standing up with no notes/prompts is a brave/foolish thing to do. Ok, so maybe you get away with it (and to be fair if you are delivering the same presentation over and over this may be the case) but what happens if your mind goes blank (it happens to the best of us). Or what happens when the unexpected situation occurs? (someone faints – it happened to me, someone tips over the tea trolley – it happened to me, a pigeon flies into the lecture room – it happened to me). It is good to have a back up, a plan B, a reminder, a prompt…
  3. Using your Powerpoint as a prompt is so common, people think that this is the purpose of PowerPoint. No. No. No. Powerpoint is for the audience – to clarify, to enhance, to supplement the message. If it is there to prompt you, then you are showing people your notes – how boring!
  4. If we write a script, then we may end up performing. Don’t get me wrong, I get and encourage a performance stance and a performance mindset in so far as it allows us to adopt behaviours and beliefs that help us share our message. BUT…if we stand up and try to become someone we are not, if we pretend to be something different, if we fake it, then we run a real risk of being inauthentic.  Our words may sound great but the way we say it will ring untrue to the audience.  they may sense that our words, our voice and our body language are out of tune.  And we miss out on the opportunity to powerfully engage with our audiences.

How do you ensure that your presentations are genuine? How do create and write your presentations. Send in your stories and questions.

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