calmTIP ONE: Do your preparation.

And do it effectively.  Think about what your audience need to hear from you not what you want to say.  Take time to consider what their world is like at the moment – the hopes, dreams, desires, problems,  frustrations and barriers to what they want.  This will help you target your presentation and then you can relax knowing the presentation is just what they need.


Get in a state.

A resourceful and positive state to deliver the best you can.  Think about the language you are using inside you head ( are you sabotaging yourself before you start by saying how worried or nervous you are or by bemoaning the audience?) What is it you can do ( as opposed to what you can’t do) What ‘gap’ are you bridging for your audience ( a solution to a problem, a realisation that change is necessary, the motivation to take action)

Stand in a confident and positive stance ( I call this Speaker Stance in my training).  Our physiology plays a crucial part in both how we are perceived and how we feel about a presentation.

Focus on the audience and their world and needs.  Focus on building rapport with them through physical stance, eye contact and using language that is conversational and relevant to them.


Breathe and focus outwards

When you recognise that you are internalising your nervousness or excitement, switch your focus outwards and notice what is happening in the audience.  Soften your eyes so that as well as looking at individuals, you are also highly aware of what else in going on in the room. Include all the audience in your presentation by making sure they are in your peripheral vision.



Frequently.  Before and after you say something you need the audience to remember and focus on.  To break up a story to build suspense.  To allow people to absorb what you have said.  Between topics.


Practice.  Practice. Practice.  Beware the speaker who hears the words they have planned for the first time in front of the audience…

These are only five tips from many I share on my training events.  Check these out by visiting the events page on


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