Ever got stuck when preparing a presentation? Me too! Here are three tips to getting started again

imagesI have been preparing for a presentation to be delivered in a few weeks and I’ll be honest with you. I’ve got stuck. More than stuck in fact. I am going nowhere fast. Instead of ideas flowing there is nothing. A great big zero. An awkward silence. A void. A dearth of creative ideas. Nada.

It is not that I don’t know my stuff. I’d like to think that my training, experience and passion is enough for me to say with some confidence that I am an expert in my field (and yes I know there are amazing people out there who know more than I do…which is great ‘cos I still need to learn some things too)

It is not that I don’t want to speak to this group. I do.  They will be a lovely audience, I can tailor what  have to say just for them.  Being asked to speak to this group works beautifully for both them and us. They have asked to hear what I have to say and it gives me a wonderful opportunity to raise the profile of my business and ‘Go-To’ expertise. And help them by giving them something of value that they can use straightaway.

No, what is keeping me stuck is the opposite problem. I know so much and could talk about so many different things that my brain is bamboozled with choices. Too much choice sometimes can lead to overwhelm.

So back to basics methinks. Here are 3 steps I am going to follow to get those creative juices flowing (you might find these helpful too if you find yourself in the same position):

1. Craft a core message. This is not the title or even topic of my presentation but the message I want them to go away with. I should be able to express this in 20 seconds and no more than two or three sentences.  It need to be active and relevant to the listeners.  Once I get this right everything else will flow.

2. I going to spend some time thinking about the audience. Not as a group, but as a collection of  individuals who have hopes , dreams, frustrations and needs. This will help me think about what they would find valuable and funny and relevant, what will resonate with them and what will motivate them.

3. I am going to go for a walk with the dog.  Physically moving will help me mentally get unstuck (I hope). And if you haven’t got a dog – just get your body moving ( walking, running, dancing whatever takes your fancy!)

And if all else fails, pass me that glass of wine!

Tell me how you get in a good state to create your presentations.  And if you would like help with your presentations contact Catherine on catherine@catherinesandland.com.  And check out The Expert’s Presentation Game-Plan, an online training programme launching soon.

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