Editing – is it cheating or less authentic?

Had an interesting conversation with my 12 yo on Sunday when we were walking the dogs. We both like taking photos on my camera and I happened to mention that for a long time, I thought editing my photos was cheating. That adding filters was misrepresenting what was actually there.

My son who edits carefully all the time, pointed out that editing ‘makes the picture’ better and gives it more impact. But then he said you still had to have an eye for composition in the first place.

How did he get so wise?

It’s the same with speaking as well isn’t it? Some people don’t want to ‘edit’ or refine or polish because they want to come across as spontaneous and fresh. But some editing and rehearsal makes the message stronger. And has more impact. But, as a wise 11 yo told me, you still need to have a strong composition in the first place.

If you’re a photographer feel free to comment on my amateur photography comments.

And do you ‘edit’ your presentations?

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