Dry as dust – What to do if your topic is dull, dull, dull

dull dull dullFor lots of us when we get the opportunity stand up and speak out, it is on a subject close to our hearts – our business, our plans, our passion. Even when we work in an organisation perhaps we love what we do, think our product or service is the bees knees, feel proud to be part of something bigger. So standing up and delivering an engaging, dynamic presentation should be easy, shouldn’t it?

But what happens when the topic is …well…dry, boring, technical, complicated… Some of my clients come to me because what they are looking for is way to spice up what they know in their hearts is dull, dull, dull. It’s hard to be energized, dynamic or passionate when you are relaying the annual accounts or the health and safety implications or the auditing processes…or is it?

If we are unsure about the value of what we are saying or we are overly familiar (and therefore bored ourselves) with the content, then pity the poor audience. They haven’t a chance!

The key issue here is that it is not what we have to say that is important. It is what the audience need to hear that needs to swing the day. Regardless of whether we have said this a million times, if it is the first time for the audience then we need to craft the message and tailor the delivery to make sure that they get to hear what they need to hear to achieve the outcome we both want.

Sure, maybe finances don’t float everyone’s boat (my apologies to any finance whizzes out there) but the implications of those finances certainly do interest most people – how it affects them, the impact, the consequences – in their world experiences. The same applies if you are delivering a presentation on company procedures or processes, updates in legislation, regular updates, monthly progress reports…

And even when we are truly, madly and deeply passionate about our own business/project or cause, we still need to deliver what the audience need to hear or we run the risk of them saying, ‘interesting but so what?’

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