Don’t speak…at least not yet

What do you do when you first stand up to speak?

In lots of cases what people do is…well speak.

But there’s some very good reasons why this reduces the effectiveness of your talk. Here’s a few to ponder:

Not everyone is tuned into you, your way of delivery, your voice and your topic. Take a moment for them to use you as a focal point and get into Listening Mode

When you stand up and speak often you end up speaking on an outward and shallow breath This can even happen when you’re sitting as well. So your voice has less power, less strength and you’re likely to run out of breath or even start to speak fast to fit the words to the breath!! Pausing before you speak enables you to breath (in AND out) and fire up your voice

Taking a pause before you speak allows you to connect non-verbally with your audience with nods, smiles and eye contact. Your rapport and connection start BEFORE you speak.

Notice what you do. Notice what others do. Play about with pausing and as you do, adopt a posture that acts as the focal point, allows you to breath and helps you connect.

Enjoy. Go play and let me know how you get on.
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