Does presenting scare the living daylights out of you? – some top tips about recent brain research

DisasterDo you have an overwhelming FEAR of doing a presentation?

Does your heart pound? Go red? Clammy hands? Shaky voice? Stomach flip over? Legs go wobbly?

I was speaking with  Sally Mc Hugh,BrainWorking Recursive Therapist recently and she was sharing with me some interesting approaches to tackling those scary and often overwhelming feelings. This is what she had to say,


In 1983 a scientist called Bejamin Libet made an amazing discovery .After lengthy testing he realised that all decisions are made by our physical brains around one third of a second before we are aware of them. This is now a scientifically proven fact that we don’t have free will that we thought we had! The physical brain has no value judgements it simply activates a pattern of behaviour that has been activated before in response to a certain stimulus .This all happens at amazing speed where millions of neurons are fired up in our brain .So when it comes to presentations however much you want it to go well in your conscious mind ,the brain  has already sent data down the neural pathways that this is a ‘panic’ situation and thus you respond in ‘panic mode’!…and all those uncomfortable physical responses and feelings come flooding in!

If that offers an explanation of what is going on when we get in a ‘state’ about speaking, what advise does Sally offer?

The good news is that this can all change for you!

In a BWRT session you will be guided to use your own thoughts…without the therapist even needing to know what you are thinking. You will access the worst conscious memory of a presentation /meeting /talk and then  start our work from that point .The change will come from within you …not from something the therapist says or does. This makes the change permanent!

You create a new response pattern in your brain of what you actually want to happen.  All the work is carried out in an ‘awake state ‘It is logical and down to earth and you remain fully in control of your own mind. All you need to do is to want to present confidently and calmly, and the rest will unfold in the session.

If you wanted to contact Sally to find out more then check out her details at the bottom of this post.

People often talk to me about being in A right state about public speaking.  In actual fact it is all about being in THE right state to present.

Please call or email your thoughts about  how to overcome those fears or contact Sally for questions about BWRT.

BWRT is a cutting edge therapy for the twenty first century.  So you might want to check it out.

Sally is based in Sale South Manchester . She is currently the only BrainWorking Recursive Therapist in Manchester

Telephone Sally now for a free no obligation chat on 0161 374 0227 to see how BWRT can help you!





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