Ditch the lycra and focus on your energy – how to deliver more dynamically

deliveryOh my! It started with the loud pulsating music, followed by dancing girls, followed by lights, flashing images…and that was before the speaker had even arrived on stage. To be fair, they made a valiant attempt to keep up the expectation of that build up and for the next two hours bounced, strode, jumped and paced across that stage like they owned it –. Quite frankly it was exciting yes, but also a little exhausting. While they were certainly a dynamic speaker it’s not for all of us. And there would be some corporate meetings or networking groups who would be seriously thrown a kilter if you stood up and did that!

As with all thing presenting, it a matter of matching message, delivery and stage craft to the needs of the audience and the outcomes required. For most of us, bouncing around in lycra on a stage isn’t the day job!

So, how do you develop a dynamic personal delivery style if its just not you to be that dramatic? First of all don’t confuse dynamic with loud and boisterous. I’ve seen speakers who have stood calm and quiet and held a 300+ audience in the palm of their hand. Think of dynamic as being all about energy. A lack lustre speaker will make even the most exciting topic die in the water.

Energy is about:

The state you are in inside your head….the inner dialogue that is going on in there is massive in terms of how you will end up delivering. Do you have an inner saboteur or are you in a good place?

The state your body is in – alert, expectant, upright posture (ideally standing), wide eyes and open body language

The state of your breathing – short, shallow breaths make it a challenge to keep pace, volume and variety in your tone. Use pauses to breathe  deeply, using pauses for emphasis and nuance.

So, the next time you are speaking, check for energy and leave the lycra behind!

If you want to know more about how to delivery more dynamically, then check out the Dynamic Delivery workshop on February 3rd in Cheshire .

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