Could you present on anything?

Could you present on anythingSomeone asked me today whether I could present on any topic given sufficient research. My immediate response was ‘maybe!’ But then I went and thought more carefully about my answer.

In my coaching and training I often work with individuals with the structure and language of their presentations. And sometimes they will laugh and say ‘ I wish you could come with me or ‘I wish I could bottle you!’

So, yes I have the tools and techniques to put together a presentation that flows, that is well structured and uses language well that is audience focused. BUT… The challenge would always be delivering this authentically.

If I stood up and delivered a presentation I did not believe in or if I concentrated on style rather than genuine substance, the audience would soon know. They would sense that I was not credible. My words would not resonate or motivate to action.

Passion and real belief in what you say is paramount. Having a clear structure, a natural flow and powerful, persuasive language will help other people hear, listen, motivate to your message. Not having these techniques and skills may get in the way of people responding to what you say. So it makes sense to support your passion with helpful frameworks and skillful techniques.

Having the skills but no passion or real belief in what you say will sound shallow, rote, mechanical and not particularly credible. So we need both for powerful presentations.

So, could I present on any topic? Well I can present on those topics where I have the passion or the belief or recognise the need. And I can do that because I am well equipped with practice, skills and techniques,

What do you feel passionate about? What skills do you have to speak in public? Give me a call to chat about how I may be able to help you. Or visit the website to read more blogs or to find out what events are coming up.

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