Could I have some feedback please?

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 06.27.32I have been focusing on feedback and rehearsal of late in my blogs and in my private coaching sessions.  One question I often get asked is how to ask for feedback.  Read one of my previous blogs (Feedback is useless…) for one way to start.

It is a brave and challenging thing to ask someone for feedback…and equally brave and challenging to give it, especially if the person giving the feedback is ‘junior’ to the speaker.

So here are some tips to get feedback which is valuable to you and will make a difference to your performance as a speaker.

#Be clear as to what you want feedback on.

One of my private clients confided in me that they have stopped asking their staff for feedback because they feedback almost solely on the content (which by that point is fairly well designed, embedded and learned)  Now aside from the fact that this raises some interesting questions about rehearsal and the design process ( more in later blogs), this demonstrates that you need to specify clearly what you would like feedback on .  Is it content? Is it structure? Is it flow? Is it the pauses you include? Is it your tone of voice? Is it the slides? Is it your body language?

#Ask for constructive feedback

Of course we might ask for feedback but even the most hard skinned of us doesn’t welcome harsh, judgmental and cruel feedback.  But neither is there great value in fluffy, general or subjective feedback.  A model I use with great success in my private coaching and on my workshops is the Three Stage Positive Focus model of feedback:

Tell me what went well (specifically and with examples)

Tell me what you would need to see, hear and feel more of if you were an audience member

What else do I need to include, do, say to make this an effective presentation?

This way the person given the task of feeding back has to focus on what works…and you get know what to do differently to make your presentation the best it can be.

# Record/video yourself presenting

There is nothing quite like ‘doing it for real’ and while people can give you feedback until they are blue in the face, nothing beats seeing and hearing yourself perform.  I haven’t met many people who can honestly say they enjoy listening or seeing themselves but most will agree it is helpful to see yourself as others see you.  Make sure that you watch/listen to it three times though.  Once to get over the horror!!  A second to tune into how you sound and look.  And a third to really work out the impact of what you say and the way you say it.

If you want to know more about my private coaching process or would like some feedback, then call me on 07946604859 or visit the website for more resources and free video tips.


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