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So you want to raise the bar for presentation skills in your company? You recognise that when people can communicate clearly, confidently and compellingly, then things get done in a business?  And you realise the cost of consistently poor presentations internally and externally for your company.  The cost of lost business, poor perception, lack of credibility, time wasted in meetings and most importantly, missed opportunities to influence, motivate and inspire Contact Catherine for a chat about how you want people to present in your business and with your customers and potential customers.  She can advise about how to best achieve this.  Perhaps it is a three day training workshop, or an input into a corporate event or a mixture of coaching and  feedback.  With over twenty years of working in the corporate environment with clients ranging from Wickes to EMI Music, Goodrich Actuation Systems to Government Offices and everything in between, Catherine can design you a learning intervention and solution to match your needs and delight you and your team.   Here are some of the things clients have said about her training
Rob Gill, More   “Having just won a contract with a major private health care provider, I needed someone to deliver presentation training alongside me. I was introduced to Catherine by a mutual acquaintance. We hit it off right away and met up to discuss what we could do. Catherine had so many ideas and training exercises it was hard decide what not to deliver. Catherine was flexible in her dates and locations for training, accommodating both London and Manchester. She led the sessions and was great at putting trainees at ease and including everyone in the day. Working along side Catherine over the last year has been great fun. We have received excellent feedback, trained over 100 staff and become good friends and a great training team. She has consistently come up with new ways of delivering the training, of engaging trainees and making the training stick. I would highly recommend working with Catherine; She is excellent.” October 16, 2012
Isla Wilson, Director, RubyStar Associates “When it came to approaching Associates for Ruby Star Associates Catherine was an easy choice - she's confident, accomplished and 100% reliable- plus word of the quality of her work travels widely - it's hard to network anywhere in the NW and not hear from people who have been delighted with work she's done with, and for her. My own experience of using her as an Associate completely backs this up - she is so much more than a safe pair of hands for a project- a complete asset to anyone's team.” October 20, 2012
Debbie Reed, Reed Associates “Catherine, delivers exceptional and exciting training, very focused on the delegate and the business outcomes to be achieved. The client feedback has been excellent and she has supported me securing new business.” January 3, 2013