Christmas Countdown. Blog 2. What’s your favourite Christmas film?

Christmas_treeI have two favourite films which I love.  ‘What a Wonderful Life’ and  ‘Wizard  of Oz’ and somehow Christmas wouldn’t quite feel like Christmas without watching them at some point.

Each time I watch both of them I discover some insight I hadn’t had before. It is almost as if in each there are layers of meaning and it is probably because of this that they stand re watching so many times.

Of course one of the central themes in the Wizard of Oz is the search of the Scarecrow for his brain, the Lion for his courage and the Tin-man for his heart. It struck me that these three ‘items’ brain, courage and heart  are also essential if you are speaking in public and each presenter should take a journey on their own ‘yellow brick road’ to discover them.

What do I mean?  Well, presenters need to engage their brain when they design and deliver a presentation.  So who is in the audience? What do they need to hear? How can I package this message so that it is clear, and memorable?  How can I engage this audience in what I  am saying ? How can I reach out to this audience and motivate them to action?

And presenters need to step up and speak out with courage.  If all presenters sound the same and say the same then why would an audience listen anyway?  Be controversial.  Take a stand.  Be different. Interrupt the trances audiences go into when they attend  typical presentations. Go on!  Fling away the PowerPoint!  Start with something that makes the audience immediately pay attention!  Shock them! Give them a different perspective. Use language that makes them think!

And finally presenters need to have heart.  Building rapport with your audience is essential. Having empathy with them and their situations and the experiences means you can pitch the presentation at the right level, use the right language and engage them at an emotional level.  They don’t have to like you but they do need to find you credible and confident and convincing.  And they need to feel this and well as see it and hear it.

I help people along their Yellow Brick Road so call me( or click the heels of your shiny red shoes) and email if you want to start your search.

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