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To stand out or to blend in – that is the question- A quick guide for professionals in navigating The Networker Introduction

I met a solicitor the other day at a recent networking event. We were chatting about how to use the 60 second  introduction ( sometimes known as the Creeping Ivy or Networker Introduction) to best advantage. She was relatively new to networking and as a family divorce lawyer she was aware that the service she […]

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Can you teach an old dog new trick? or what my Collie Sally can tell you about giving presentations.

A couple of weeks ago my Collie dog, Sally, was chasing a stick that I had thrown her, when the stick got stuck – in her throat.  Narrowly missing all the important blood vessels but taking the tongue with it, the stick lodged in the back of her throat.  Fortunately she survived.  After a big […]

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Business Skills

What effective business skills really mean for your business

Whether you work in a large organisation or you run your business or enterprise, being able to talk effectively about your business is absolutely essential. Yes, yes, yes I hear you say but surely if you know your stuff and you believe and are passionate about it, then talking about it is natural right? Wrong!  […]

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What I learned from doing Stand Up…a personal story

Well, finally I did it.  I did Stand Up…and survived!  Back in January of this year, I decided to do something that would scare me, something that would well and truly take me out of my comfort zone.  And with some bizarre happenstance coupled with a good friend’s encouragement, I found myself entering the Funny […]

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How are you working on your business

How are you working ON your business this week?

As I write this I have a fantastic week ahead of me.  It includes designing a module for a personal effectiveness programme I am running for a corporate client, delivering a presentation to one of my favourite networking groups, facilitating one of my monthly speaking groups with a group of lively and determined women in […]

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