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How to give an effective presentation – Ten things the audience needs to hear from you in a presentation…

Whether they out and out ask you or whether they sit there and think these questions, here are 10 things the audience need to hear from you when you deliver your presentation: 1. Do I need to worry about you?  A strange one to start off with and in most cases, audiences need to know […]

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Could you present on anything

Could you present on anything?

Someone asked me today whether I could present on any topic given sufficient research. My immediate response was ‘maybe!’ But then I went and thought more carefully about my answer. In my coaching and training I often work with individuals with the structure and language of their presentations. And sometimes they will laugh and say […]

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How are you working on your business

How are you working ON your business this week?

As I write this I have a fantastic week ahead of me.  It includes designing a module for a personal effectiveness programme I am running for a corporate client, delivering a presentation to one of my favourite networking groups, facilitating one of my monthly speaking groups with a group of lively and determined women in […]

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Help… My mind has gone blank!

Most people fear that moment when you simply can’t remember what to say next in a presentation.  It either happens at the beginning of a presentation or suddenly bites you by the bottom right in the middle of your speech. Well, be reassured that this happens to lots of presenters ( even the best) and […]

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Keep It Simple Stupid

I’ve been reading Dan Roam’s ‘Unfolding the Napkin’ recently and absolutely ‘get’ the idea that simple pictures can solve problems.  Thinking about this has also prompted me to think about how presenters make their ideas clear and simple so that they can communicate them in a powerful and persuasive way.  This is not about dumbing […]

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