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I made some banana and blueberry muffins the other day. I forgot the blueberries! They were in the recipe. I’d got them out ready and they were on the worktop. But I’ve made these a thousand times before and just didn’t bother to check the recipe or even consciously think ( my mind was on […]

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Personality and purpose

Do you want to know what I love about my job? Seeing patterns and stories and helping others shape and craft their message so that yes, it has impact and influence but more importantly than that, that their personality shines through. I’ve just finished a session this morning with an absolute inspiration of a business […]

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Written English is different to Spoken English

I’ve been reminded this week that written English is different from Spoken English. Why am I stating the bleeding obvious? Because when we write scripts or go to the laptop or notebook first when preparing our presentations, we run a very real risk that we’ll write our talk. And we write differently to how we […]

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capsule wardrobe

Creating a new ‘look’ for your presentation – a lesson from my wardrobe!

I saw a great blog the other day about the importance of having a capsule wardrobe.  This has long been an ideal of mine: I say ideal because anyone who knows me knows that I am like most other people with a wardrobe full of favourite items, items too small/large, fashion items woefully out of […]

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