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I’ve lost my presentation…what do I do? What to do if you forget to save your presentation slides.

I saw a frantic and desperate message on Facebook this weekend from a lovely lady who was preparing for a presentation she was giving on Sunday just gone. Oh ********k! I am so upset i could throw up! Normally wld transfer onto hard drive but saved presentation on laptop…which now refuses to start up Rescue […]

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Delivering effective business presentations – Ten things your audience will never say

I have written before that the standard of business presentations is pretty poor.  In fact the three characteristics of most business presentations are predictability, too much information and Death by PowerPoint.  I wonder how much time is wasted in meetings and events listening (or even sleeping) to dull, irrelevant and mind-numbing presentations?  By the way […]

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Could you present on anything

Could you present on anything?

Someone asked me today whether I could present on any topic given sufficient research. My immediate response was ‘maybe!’ But then I went and thought more carefully about my answer. In my coaching and training I often work with individuals with the structure and language of their presentations. And sometimes they will laugh and say […]

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Break free of the Hamster Wheel of presenting…

We have all been to presentations that have been so predictable and have followed so familiar a path that we could have written them ourselves.  Yes, there is a conventional way of delivering business presentations that nearly every one follows but hardly anyone enjoys.  On my course when I ask people what they hate about […]

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Three reasons why PowerPoint stinks

Lots of people have been asking me recently about the use of PowerPoint in presentations.  Contrary to popular opinion I do NOT think PowerPoint is the devil incarnate.  I simply recognise that people misuse and abuse a tool which has the potential to add meaning, clarity and energy to your spoken word.  People use PowerPoint […]

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Doing the same thing over and over again in the hope that there will be a different result is the definition of insanity

I was working with a group of engineers recently – intelligent, friendly and committed bunch and we got to talking about PowerPoint.  In a short space of time and with much laughter and reference to people in the company, the group had quickly come up with a list of ‘hates’ about PowerPoint – list of […]

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