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Why video helps you stand out from the Crowd

It’s a busy, noisy world out there isn’t it? From every side we are bombarded with email, social media, news: noise noise noise. And when we send out tweets, facebook posts and email marketing, we are contributing to this cacophony of data, information and …even more noise. At the same time, as small business owners, […]

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Are you Video ready – things you must do BEFORE pressing record?

We all know that having a short video on your website or to use in social media is a great way of marketing your business and reaching out to our clients and potential customers. But often what stops us from doing this is the thought that creating and producing a video is difficult, expensive and […]

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Does it really matter how the political candidates come across in the Election Debates?

Back in the sixties, when Nixon and Kennedy were fighting it out for the Presidential race, researchers discovered something that they had long suspected but now had evidence. People watching those early first televised debates were heavily influenced by the sight of a tanned, energetic and young candidate (JFK) debating with an older, greyer and […]

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presenting queen downing street

Politics and presentations

Have you decided who to vote for yet in the General Election this May? How much would debates between the leaders of all the parties influence your choice? I ask because it would appear that the introduction of political televised debates at the last General Election did have a measurable impact on how voters perceived […]

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Yeah – but so what? Why should I listen further?

I was working with a client the other day on a major presentation for them. He outlined the content as it existed in his thoughts so far ( nothing shaped, crafted or created as yet) and asked for my feedback. ‘great content in essence’ I replied, “But…where is the perspective? What are you expecting the audience […]

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