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Six questions you should ask before accepting an invitation to speak to a group…

Speaking to a group is a fabulous opportunity to share, teach and sell your expertise. It raises your profile, it expands your ‘reach’ and it increases your impact. BUT there are some questions you need to ask before accepting that invitation and starting to put your presentation together: What is the purpose of the meeting […]

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Why do we meekly accept poor presentations? We get what we reward & until we vote with our feet and our feedback we will continue to get boring & incompetent presentations

I attended a conference summit last week and as is the way of these things was treated to a range of different presentations from the dull and predictable to the inspiring and informational. From the ‘scripted and read’ to the flowing and enthusiastic. There were lively and competent panels ably compered…there were Death by PowerPoint […]

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Nightmare! Your key note speaker is paralysed with fear…

A couple of months ago I was chatting to the organiser of a conference.  He was very excited about one of the speakers.  They had a great story to tell.  The subject matter was spot on for the theme of the conference.  But there was a problem.  This particular speaker was paralysed with fear.  They […]

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What a conference presentation line up has to do with on-line dating.

On a recent night out with a group of girl friends we got round to talking about on line dating.  One of the ladies who is single was regaling us with her tales  of dates she had experienced. These ranged from dates not turning up, dates who proposed on first date, dates who spent all […]

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