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Speaking Lessons from Photography..

Just recently I have taken part in a photography challenge Let’s get a few things out in the open first: I am no photographer! I like snapping away on the iPhone (like many of you I suspect) but until recently I was a point and snap type of gal. My camera (Nikon 1) did all […]

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walking out the door

This is why I didn’t walk out of your presentation…

It is everyone’s worst nightmare isn’t it?  You are delivering a presentation and during the course of it 5 people walk out. Of course there could be a valid and reasonable explanation: they realised they were in the wrong presentation, they needed the loo, they had just received an urgent phone call because their budgie […]

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Why we keep hearing dreadful presentations…

Well…my last post seemed to ruffle a few feathers. I have received so many comments (mainly agreeing) about some dreadful presentations people have had to attend and lots of examples.  There was the OFSTED expert, teaching teachers of all people, who wouldn’t have passed his own professional body’s exacting standards of communication.  There have been the Mumblers, the Arrogant Articulators, the […]

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what landscapes and obligation have to do with presentations

I was listening to Richard Eyre the director speaking on Radio the other day. It was interesting hearing how he goes about directing a play or film from the beginning. He described it as ‘creating a landscape from scratch, with a world, people, language and activities’ This world was for the audience. It made me […]

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Does presenting scare the living daylights out of you? – some top tips about recent brain research

Do you have an overwhelming FEAR of doing a presentation? Does your heart pound? Go red? Clammy hands? Shaky voice? Stomach flip over? Legs go wobbly? I was speaking with  Sally Mc Hugh,BrainWorking Recursive Therapist recently and she was sharing with me some interesting approaches to tackling those scary and often overwhelming feelings. This is what she […]

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