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‘Well that’s an hour gone I will never get back’ – how to avoid losing your audience

Ever thought, ‘ where is this argument going?’, ‘what the heck is he saying?’, ‘The Lord help me – I’ve lost the will to live’, then you have almost certainly been on the receiving end of lack of clarity! Where there is lack of clarity then we will follow a fairly predictable path of confusing, […]

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Me? An expert? Nah…there’s lots more people know lots more than me, surely?

Sometimes when I am delivering a presentation or training session I will ask people whether they are experts.  There will always be one person who puts up their hand quickly, confidently and as high as it goes.  But what about the rest of the audience?  Well, some people half raise their hand hiding it under […]

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Shh…a word in your ear!

I was having coffee with a friend this morning and we started talking about a mutual acquaintance who unfortunately is having a tough time with illness.  My friend talked about how this lady was getting her head down and dealing with it, looking forward to getting through it and resuming normal life again soon. And […]

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It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech (Mark Twain)

Or…….how to sound like you are talking off the top of your head! Here are three ways to approach a presentation:     Are you a control freak?  Script a presentation (& slides) to within an inch of your life.  Learn it. Repeat it until it is embedded in your head and you can press […]

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Five ways you can avoid the common pitfalls of irrelevance, boring and death by PowerPoint

The definition of insanity is to keep on doing the same things & expecting a different result (Albert Einstein) Once again I recently asked a group of learners what they hated about presentations.  And once again they came up with a familiar list of ‘hates’.  PowerPoint came up more than once, monotone voice, ‘cheesy’ presenters […]

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Wise Words – can Churchill teach us anything about public speaking in the modern world?

I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears & sweat (Sir Winston Churchill) Ask most people to name a famous Great British orator and they will say Sir Winston Churchill.  Look through any list of famous quotes in the last couple of centuries and they will come up with some from Churchill without a […]

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Wise Words – six essential presentation techniques we can learn from great speakers…

Does your heart ever sink when you hear a speaker start talking about operational timetables, strategic plans or project milestones? Not because these aren’t important but because you KNOW that you are going to have to sit through a barrage of facts, figures and,usually, bullet points! Here is an excerpt from one of Dr. Martin […]

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Business Skills

What effective business skills really mean for your business

Whether you work in a large organisation or you run your business or enterprise, being able to talk effectively about your business is absolutely essential. Yes, yes, yes I hear you say but surely if you know your stuff and you believe and are passionate about it, then talking about it is natural right? Wrong!  […]

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How to give an effective presentation – Ten things the audience needs to hear from you in a presentation…

Whether they out and out ask you or whether they sit there and think these questions, here are 10 things the audience need to hear from you when you deliver your presentation: 1. Do I need to worry about you?  A strange one to start off with and in most cases, audiences need to know […]

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