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What’s your potential as a speaker?

11 ago, I attended a training course on presentation skills. I was an experienced trainer, loved speaking, was confident and had had to speak at meetings most of my managerial and professional life. 2 significant things happened at that training. Firstly, I learned that confidence, competence and enthusiasm were great but not enough Learning how […]

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Do the words we use REALLY matter? – speaking, responsibility and obligation

Does it really matter what we say? Isn’t it all a game of style and substance and the interplay between the two? Surely actions speak much more loudly than words? These are questions I think about especially when I am working with clients who are working out what their ‘message’ is. Especially when I hear […]

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Speaking Lessons from Photography..

Just recently I have taken part in a photography challenge Let’s get a few things out in the open first: I am no photographer! I like snapping away on the iPhone (like many of you I suspect) but until recently I was a point and snap type of gal. My camera (Nikon 1) did all […]

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telling lies

What people say after your presentation…and what they really mean

What people say and what they really mean:  Thanks for enlightening us But you didn’t really think about us at all and what we already knew. In fact you’ve just spent time lecturing at us and missing the point completely. Lovely font on your slides Your voice was so boring and you stayed glued behind […]

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walking out the door

This is why I didn’t walk out of your presentation…

It is everyone’s worst nightmare isn’t it?  You are delivering a presentation and during the course of it 5 people walk out. Of course there could be a valid and reasonable explanation: they realised they were in the wrong presentation, they needed the loo, they had just received an urgent phone call because their budgie […]

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Why we keep hearing dreadful presentations…

Well…my last post seemed to ruffle a few feathers. I have received so many comments (mainly agreeing) about some dreadful presentations people have had to attend and lots of examples.  There was the OFSTED expert, teaching teachers of all people, who wouldn’t have passed his own professional body’s exacting standards of communication.  There have been the Mumblers, the Arrogant Articulators, the […]

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Why do we meekly accept poor presentations? We get what we reward & until we vote with our feet and our feedback we will continue to get boring & incompetent presentations

I attended a conference summit last week and as is the way of these things was treated to a range of different presentations from the dull and predictable to the inspiring and informational. From the ‘scripted and read’ to the flowing and enthusiastic. There were lively and competent panels ably compered…there were Death by PowerPoint […]

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rehearsals recording

Lights, camera, ACTION…Two tips for rehearsing with a video camera

I was working with someone recently who had been preparing for a presentation and during the rehearsal process had been videoed. ‘Ooh’ she said, ‘ It was awful – I sound dreadful, I look fat,  it was horrific!’.  As you can tell, she can be prone to some exaggerations (!) but she probably encapsulates the […]

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He’s just asked for feedback on his presentation – what should I say?

Should we give people feedback on their presentations and if we do, how honest should we be? Let’s be honest, if we deliver a presentation we are not likely to get any feedback that is helpful from the majority of people in the audience.  If we say, ‘how did it go?’ the answer usually is […]

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