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Eye Contact

In 2005, Ellen McArthur completed her single-handed round-the-world voyage beating the previous world record.  She had sailed 27000 miles solo over 71 days facing bad weather, accidents and even sustaining a broken arm.  Someone asked her what she had missed the most and her answer might surprise you.  It wasn’t the basics of life you […]

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A Carton of Eggs & the Collapse of the World Economy. Pictures in presentations

So –  I will readily admit that numbers are not really ‘my thing’ and the topic of economics does not typically float my boat.  I have just surprised myself though by reading, completing and emjoying Tim Harford’s Undercover Economist.  And I know the reason why. You might not think that there is much connection between […]

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Keep It Simple Stupid

I’ve been reading Dan Roam’s ‘Unfolding the Napkin’ recently and absolutely ‘get’ the idea that simple pictures can solve problems.  Thinking about this has also prompted me to think about how presenters make their ideas clear and simple so that they can communicate them in a powerful and persuasive way.  This is not about dumbing […]

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