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I’ll buy my own wine thank you – and other reasons why we should be standing up and speaking up

She stood there her mind blank. This was the time for her to speak, wasn’t it? It felt like the right moment. But what to say? And how to start? For Catherine, at that moment, there was an opportunity to stand up and speak out…but she bottled it. In the absence of knowing what to […]

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Why do you want to deliver a keynote?

Sometimes it’s because you are ‘known’ for your expertise or experience or maybe even your story. Which is great. Of course, knowing your stuff doesn’t automatically mean that you know how to say it with maximum impact and influence. Just recently I’ve been working with some amazing clients – they most definitely know their stuff. […]

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Do the words we use REALLY matter? – speaking, responsibility and obligation

Does it really matter what we say? Isn’t it all a game of style and substance and the interplay between the two? Surely actions speak much more loudly than words? These are questions I think about especially when I am working with clients who are working out what their ‘message’ is. Especially when I hear […]

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