But it is SO Dull – tips on how to present on the most dullest of subjects

imagesTime and again I have listened to presentations (and you will have too) that are dull and predictable. We end up suffering from an information overload and death by PowerPoint!  On the other hand I have many clients who approach me and worry and fret that their topics are dull and predictable, it is more about information than interest and can only be delivered via slides.  So what is to do?

Let’s shatter some myths.  First of all while many people have to deliver fairly dry subjects (anyone for an internal audit report?) this doesn’t mean that a dry approach has to be taken.  Indeed you could argue that for a dry subject even more thought needs to be given to how the message is conveyed and delivered.

The second myth is that presentations are about information alone.  If it is the case that we end up transferring information, then maybe we need to reconsider the idea of presenting in the first place… a report or email might suffice.

And finally there is the myth that presentations are about one person talking, the rest listening.  Of course that is the set up for most presentations but a good presenter with create a two way rapport and will focus on the audience and what they need to hear.

So here are three tips to take your presentation from Dull to Dynamic and from Transfer of Info to Transformational!

  1. Work out what is in it for your listeners.  If you are talking health and safety then make it personal.  After all most people want to go home at the end of the day in their car rather than in an ambulance.   Identify what it is that would make people NEED to listen.
  2. Identify a clear message.  This is NOT the content but it is the take home, ‘what they will remember the most’ part of your presentation.  Recognise that most people will not remember the detail of what you say.  They will remember the gist, the kernel, and the nugget of your message.  Get that clear and everything else flows and supports.
  3. Work on engaging audiences and making them work at least as hard as you do!  Get them to be physically involved (put their hands up, look around, take a note of an important point).  Get them to be mentally involved (by answering a rhetorical questions, imagining something and anticipating something) and get them to be emotionally involved (having a stake in what you say, feeling empathy and rapport. Stories are great for this)

Someone asked me recently what do you if you are bored of your own boring topic? How do you make it interesting and engaging?  The answer is – ‘don’t speak on that topic and get a new job!’  If you are not interested in what you have to say (yes, even internal audit), then how do you expect your audience to be?  When you have that interest and passion, then it is about shaping and structuring your presentations so that you take your audience along with you….

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