Boring, boring, boring – the truth behind most people’s rendition of their business

boring boringDeath by vol-au-vent is what my husband calls some of those networking events – you know the ones- where you juggle a wine glass and a plate in one hand while trying to accept a business card from some over zealous networker with the other? For every wonderful, charismatic and engaging person you meet at these events (and I have met some amazing people), there are probably five others who are, not to put too fine a point on it, boring.

Why do people struggle so much to put into words their passion and joy they feel about their business? Perhaps they don’t feel the love!  More likely though, they get caught up in the telling you details of what they do that squeezes the oomph from the why they do it and the difference they make.

And it’s the same on websites and in blogs too sometimes: in a desire to be professional, an industry leader, crammed full of important keywords, we forget that sometimes what stands out and what resonates is not the detail, it’s the story behind it all.

Don’t get me wrong – there is a time and a place for detail but that time and that place is not when you are seeking to make connections and build rapport and relationships.  When we meet at networking events, when we write our Home Page and our About Us page on the website, we need to tell our story. We need to be human. We need to reach out and create a powerful connection between us, our customers and our potential clients.

So, how can you talk about your business as a story? How can you craft your values, your experiences and your journey in the form of a story that resonates and engages your listener and reader from the start. How can you position yourself in the listener’s mind and reader’s heart when they read and hear your words?

What’s your story? And if you would like to work with me in one of my tailored, private Let’s Talk#Business Sessions, then call me on 07946604859

Stand up. Speak up. Stand out


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