A Carton of Eggs & the Collapse of the World Economy. Pictures in presentations

So –  I will readily admit that numbers are not really ‘my thing’ and the topic of economics does not typically float my boat.  I have just surprised myself though by reading, completing and emjoying Tim Harford’s Undercover Economist.  And I know the reason why. You might not think that there is much connection between […]

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Three reasons why PowerPoint stinks

Lots of people have been asking me recently about the use of PowerPoint in presentations.  Contrary to popular opinion I do NOT think PowerPoint is the devil incarnate.  I simply recognise that people misuse and abuse a tool which has the potential to add meaning, clarity and energy to your spoken word.  People use PowerPoint […]

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Doing the same thing over and over again in the hope that there will be a different result is the definition of insanity

I was working with a group of engineers recently – intelligent, friendly and committed bunch and we got to talking about PowerPoint.  In a short space of time and with much laughter and reference to people in the company, the group had quickly come up with a list of ‘hates’ about PowerPoint – list of […]

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Help… My mind has gone blank!

Most people fear that moment when you simply can’t remember what to say next in a presentation.  It either happens at the beginning of a presentation or suddenly bites you by the bottom right in the middle of your speech. Well, be reassured that this happens to lots of presenters ( even the best) and […]

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Keep It Simple Stupid

I’ve been reading Dan Roam’s ‘Unfolding the Napkin’ recently and absolutely ‘get’ the idea that simple pictures can solve problems.  Thinking about this has also prompted me to think about how presenters make their ideas clear and simple so that they can communicate them in a powerful and persuasive way.  This is not about dumbing […]

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