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Why work one to one? Why choose Catherine?

Sometimes a course is not what you need. Sometimes you just need to focus and work one to one to get that presentation right. You know, that BIG presentation, that 'All-Things-Rest-On-This' pitch, that dreaded 'networker' introduction... Or perhaps you've done the course and want to work on some specific areas of your own personal style and challenges Possibly you need to work on those presentation demons first before plucking up the courage to attend a more group based training Whatever the reason, more and more people are coming to Catherine for one to one training. What they get is a promise of direct feedback which is structured and delivered to get the very best out of you and bags of expert support. Contact us to discuss what it is that you are looking for.  It may be a stand alone session ( a session normally last about one hour fifteen).  Or may be a series of sessions.  Catherine has also helped people who want 'the works' (design, script, rehearsal and slides).  When you contact us we will ring you back and chat about what might be best for you.  

contact_buttonBook a session or series of sessions to work on that Big Presentation...a key note speech, a team briefing, an interview presentation. We'll chat beforehand to see if what you need is a stand alone session or whether a short series of sessions might be just what you need to clarify core purpose, structure and shape the message and perfect the delivery.

contact_buttonCreate and plan a personal, tailored development programme ( usually three, six or nine sessions) in order for you to up your game and build your confidence. Perfect for someone who is not ready for a course and even more perfect for those who are out there already, feeling quite confident and competent but knowing they could and should be speaking at a higher and more influential level.

contact_buttonWork with Catherine at identifying the core message of your business and how to get it out there clearly, convincingly and with passion and impact.  A Let's Talk Business session looks at on and offline messages and uses a storytelling approach so that you can communicate your values, your vision and your products and services to your clients and potential customers. A session will include how you network, what you post via social media, blogs, presentations and any other form of communication you use to 'tell your story' and talk about your business.  

Here's what people have said about their one to one sessions:


Catherine helped me with preparing for an important presentation and her ability to very quickly understand my subject in order to be able to best help me with the structure and delivery was fantastic. She helped give me a huge amount of confidence and as a result of the preparation work we did together, the presentation went really well and was extremely successful. I would definitely recommend working with Catherine on a 121 basis, as well as attending any of her speaking clubs. I have attended her monthly speaking club and this too is excellent and great for practicing and trying things out.


 Following many years of requests to ‘speak’ at various events, which I’d always politely declined to do, I contacted Catherine to see if she could help me overcome my fears. I understood that Public Speaking was a part of my role but it was always something I felt uncomfortable doing and to talk about ‘Me’ left me feeling even more awkward.  Catherine helped me to piece together the story of my Professional life to date, the ups & downs of establishing and growing a business, along with the impact it had made to my life and how it had developed me as a person. It was a fascinating experience for me to look at everything that I’d undertaken and realise how exciting, challenging and rewarding the journey had been.  I would definitely recommend Catherine to anyone considering Public Speaking in whatever capacity, as she has a wonderful way of easing your fears or concerns and helps you to deliver a confident, entertaining presentation. Yes, I still feel nervous when it’s time to speak but Catherine trained me to embrace these nerves in a positive way and by adopting her ways of organising my notes, I quickly relax once the talk begins.


Further to attending one of Catherine’s sessions ‘From panic to poise’ at last year’s NWWE Day, I found her own presentation skills exceptional and thoroughly enjoyable.  It was at this point, I felt inspired and compelled to speak to Catherine in taking my first step in addressing the anxiety I feel at public speaking.  A one to one session was booked with Catherine, which I found to be invaluable in identifying the core areas where I needed help most.  Catherine made me feel very relaxed and gave me tips that showed me how to boost my confidence.  One of my main plans as a result of seeing Catherine, is to be able to address a room full of people calmly and confidently when representing my company.  I believe this will ultimately help me achieve my ongoing aim of growing my business.  I would certainly recommend Catherine and if you are looking to make your first step or advance your speaking skills, albeit daunting, Catherine will be able to guide you throughout this process, whatever the level you wish to achieve.


Getting my message across to people one to one has always been something I have felt comfortable with. I'm even happy running an interactive workshop but as soon as I have to deliver a straightforward talk to a large group the panic sets in. I have actually done it many times and luckily had positive feedback but I know I could do so much better. I have done everything to attempt improvement - public speaking workshops, seminars, hypnotherapy, you name it, I've tried it,  but now that I'm getting asked to do more and more decluttering talks I want to be in a position firstly to not panic for the two weeks leading up to a talk, and secondly to feel confident that I have delivered well and inspired people to take action.  I had met Catherine many times, listened to her poised, confident, impactful  delivery on  numerous occasions and knew she was the perfect person to help. I needed someone to listen to MY speech, to look at MY body language, to tell me how ridiculously fast MY delivery was. I needed a one to one assessment.  So that's what we did. In a very casual environment, I delivered one of my pre prepared talks. Catherine listened, stopped me periodically, told me what I was doing well, what I was doing not so well, where I needed to pause, where to tweak my message, how to engage the audience, how to use body language in a positive way to influence people subconsciously. It was brilliant and hit the spot perfectly.  I could go on and on but that was part of Catherine's message - less is more! I've booked 4 talks in March. I have my first talk in a week or so and I am chomping at the bit to put into practise what I learnt. Wherever you are in your public speaking journey, a couple of hours with Catherine might just save you months of unnecessary panic. Good luck!