Are you wearing your Wonder Woman Pants (or Superman Pants)?

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 06.42.21I may not be Wonder Woman (!) but if I were and I wore THOSE pants when presenting this is what they would give me:

Flexibility – oh that elastic is useful.  In the same way having flexibility when you prepare and deliver presentation is key.  Firstly to have a flow to your presentations so that it is easy to follow and easy to listen to.  Secondly build into your structure the flexibility to:

  •  shorten ( if time is running out)
  •  to expand ( only if adds to what is being said and only if it supports your key message and purpose)
  •   to respond to your audience ( here I don’t mean just their questions but how they are receiving the presentation as you speak)

Support – in a presentation give yourself plenty of support.

  •  Support beforehand so that you get input and feedback as you prepare (find yourself a good mentor)
  • Support during ( have a practical PROMPT just in case – not slides but something like the Pathway Planner I teach my clients to use)
  • Support afterwards by having a method of collecting feedback and to follow up action.

Elegance – ok. So the Wonder Woman pants (or Superman Pants) are not elegant at all but a presentation can and in my opinion should be.  The better we get at speaking to groups and the more skilful we get, a presentation can be elegant, persuasive and a thing of beauty to construct and deliver.

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