Are you Video ready – things you must do BEFORE pressing record?

videoWe all know that having a short video on your website or to use in social media is a great way of marketing your business and reaching out to our clients and potential customers. But often what stops us from doing this is the thought that creating and producing a video is difficult, expensive and scary!


What equipment do I use, do I need a studio, how do I edit, on what platform do I publish, angles, lighting, sound quality, graphic and direction – these are some of the thoughts that might go through your mind when you start to really consider whether you should produce and publish a short video


Or maybe what holds us back is the thought of the cost – a swish all-singing-all-dancing video might cost the earth and can only be used for a short time but a hand held phone might look too amateurish and ‘home grown’ giving out the wrong message.


And while many people tell me they don’t mind one to ones or even small group meetings, the thought of presenting to a camera and then setting that video out free into the world where everyone (!) will see it, is too scary an idea to contemplate!


If we are to overcome and tackle these concerns, then we need to start earlier in the thought process. Here are the three things you need to consider first if you are going down the video route: when you can answer these satisfactorily, crafting and producing a short video becomes more manageable – in fact, a straightforward process, an affordable investment and an exciting do-able project


  1. Understand your purpose in creating and producing a video

Don’t just leap into the video creation process half cocked! Understand what it is that you are trying to achieve and make sure that video is the right route. Video is great for telling your clients and potential customers about who you are and what you do. It is effective at ‘showing’ people that you (i.e. your business) are a human, genuine and caring business. It is brilliant at informing people of events, promotions and special services and products. It is also spot-on for training, educating and inspiring action.


But it is only good for these things if you know the purpose of the video clearly and in a specific defined way before you start to craft. If your purpose is unclear or too complex then all that will happen is viewers will get confused and uncertain…and stop watching


  1. Work out what you core message and call to action is before you start writing content and building structure


It is tempting to start writing a ‘script’ for a video straightaway. What you need to say and in what order. Resist that approach with every fibre of your being! Work out your single core message (for a short one minute video) and call to action before you do anything else. Ask yourself what do you want your viewer to do, know and feel at the end of your one-minute. Be very clear about this and be brutal in your editing. THEN build content and structure around this. You will have a much clearer, concise video this way.



  1. Plan and prepare location, lighting and equipment


Project plan your videoing session. There is nothing worse than setting up a camera to discover your background office is a disaster and shouts loudly of manic disorder! Or starting to record and having the dogs bark madly in the background (happened to me, the perils of working from home office!) Think through lighting, location and equipment. You may decide this will work from your office using our phone or a video camera. You may decide that you need a studio and professionals to film. Either way plan it all carefully – it is worth it for the finished product.


If this article has been of interest and you would like to know more, then White Hart Training and Magic Pony Films are collaborating to run a workshop aimed at businesses who want to create and produce short videos. It is called From Script to Screen and is running on September 30th 2015. You can find out more and buy tickets here.

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