Are people bored when you start talking about your business?

boredomHave you got stuck in a rut when it comes to talking about your business?  It’s easy to do isn’t it and you can spot when this happens with people when they start to reel off their information in a singsong, ‘list’ type voice.

It’s most common in corporate presentations I have to say, where staff are required to include all that historical and factual data relating to the company or organisation before they get into the meat of the message. But recently I have been hearing it in networker introductions and even in one to one conversations.


If you sound bored with your own business, then heaven help the listener! And of course it is probably not that you are bored, just that you have fallen in to the trap of being laid back and nonchalant about what you say and the way you say it. Even if some time ago, you worked out a great way to explain your business, what you do, the difference it makes and the story that got you to where you are now, every now and again, you need to revisit it. Review. Renew.

Try it now – how do you talk about your business? Say it out loud (unless you are on a train of course) Does it need a revamp? Have things happened in your business, your industry, your customer’s experience, that means a different approach to sharing would be useful. Let me know how you get on and of course if I can help in anyway to craft that message, give me a call.

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