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…and about this website

About identifying your message, giving it muscle and getting more results

The purpose of this website is to help you discover the skills, techniques and approaches that help you present clearly, convincingly and confidently

My goal is to help you understand what makes an audience listen and then act on what you have said.  And to show you how to sequence and structure your presentations in a way which results in a smooth, natural flow, hugely persuasive and massively engaging – without you sounding just like everyone else or suffering from those dreaded nerves you hate.

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About Catherine Sandland

I’ve been helping leaders, managers, business owners, trainers and consultants with their presentation skills for over 20 years.

Each time I have worked with organisations either in a consulting role or as a leadership and development trainer, I would be invariably asked to train all levels of employees on presentation skills. Because, and here is the ‘dirty little secret’ of business that everyone knows but no one ever says – the standard of business presentations is pretty poor.  Appalling in fact!

Through study, experience, and having some of the best presenters in the field as my mentors, I’ve learned what it takes for even the most reluctant of professionals to become highly effective at presentation and speaking skills – and that’s what I teach my clients.

My particular focus these days is on working with small firms and solo professionals and specifically women in small businesses.  I am astounded at the talent and passion of these women. Yet I have also seen how many of these women struggle to overcome the fear of public speaking even when they know they need to do this for their business or career.  Often they have lost the confidence they had when they were in a corporate world or worry about what they have to bring to the table.  Or they are concerned about being the sole female voice at the meeting or being taken seriously. I have seen how many of these women are failing to live up to their potential because they simply haven’t ‘cracked’ public speaking skills yet.

I’ve made it my mission to help women in business and in the community escape from being the silent voice in the corner and to get the clients, ‘go- to’ status and rewards they deserve.

If you like what you’ve heard so far, and you think I may be able to help you with some of the challenges you’re facing, then why not contact me for an informal discussion. There’s no commitment, and I won’t try to push you into a sale – we’ll just discuss your situation to see if working together might be a good fit.

Drop me a note via my Contact Form and we’ll sort something out.

On a personal note, I’m married to Richard and I have two wonderful boys Matthew and William.  The boys are ten years apart in age – but that is another story all together!

Take care

Stand up. Speak up. Stand out!

Catherine Sandland


What others say about Catherine

Kirsty James:  It is completely appropriate that Catherine Sandland should be known on Twitter as @presentingqueen. Her presentation skills training is professional, inspiring and content-rich. It would be hard not to say that Catherine is ‘Mrs Poise’ herself. 

I have heard Catherine speak several times at business events and attended her very popular ‘From Panic to Poise’ course. At every occasion, her content has been rewarding, informative and her delivery style motivating and captivating. 
Anyone serious about developing their presentation skills, public speaking demeanour and confidence, and structuring the content and delivery of a talk should consider the courses offered by her businesses, White Hart Training and Phenomenal Women. 

It is always a pleasure to hear Catherine speak and regardless of how many times I may hear similar anecdotes, there are always further pearls of wisdom and presentation tips and tools. ‘golden nuggets’ as she refers to them, to be gleaned. A definite must-consider for any small business owner, particularly businesswomen, faced with an increasingly competitive business environment in which pitching, presenting and networking are crucial skills.


Ann Bach: I recently had a session with Catherine in which she was helping me to structure a talk I was giving. Having seen Catherine speak, I knew she could walk the walk, but Catherine's methods of exploring the topic and structuring the talk, meant that I could clearly pick up the methods to do this for myself and ensure that the talk was targeted for my audience. Catherine is lovely to work with and I would totally recommend her.

Grant Weston: I first met Catherine as I embarked on my career as a Learning and Development professional. 

Catherine was knowledgeable and inspirational. She explains complex ideas in a way that makes them simple to grasp. 
Through my time training with Catherine I found her to be approachable and willing to discuss assignments and projects (amongst other things). 

I have no hesitation in recommending Catherine if you are looking for a world class learning and development professional - and I hope to engage in her services in a couple of projects later this year