7 Deadly Sins of the Presentation World

imagesHere’s my take on four of the Seven Deadly Sins for Speaking in Public.  I would be interested to know your thoughts…

  1. Pride: We base a presentation on what we want to say to our audiences with little or no consideration to what they need to hear.  Our first concern is for what we know and we pitch this at a level that is either too low (patronizing) or too high (ignorant) for the audience.
  2. Sloth: Often described as physical and spiritual laziness, sloth is when we don’t bother to prepare our material, the structure and shape of our content or our own mental ‘state’.
  3. Envy: Whilst the definition of envy is to desire something that belongs to someone else, it becomes a presentation sin when this comparison goes beyond helpful. Envying someone’s ability to speak, the way they look, their product etc. if taken to excess can become self-defeating. ‘ I am not as good as them, why bother trying’
  4. Gluttony: this is overconsumption to the point of wastefulness.  Cramming in too much information into the presentation is wasteful.  The more goes in, the less is remembered.

Perhaps  the Presentation Virtues are:

  1. Humility – think less of what you want to say to the audience and more of what value you can offer them
  2. Diligence – if it is worth delivering then it is worth spending the time on getting your message clear, structuring and shaping it well and practicing it so that it is easy to listen to, clear to understand and memorable enough to recall afterwards
  3. Kindness – be kind to yourself.  Model yourself on others by all means and recognise that you are uniquely and wonderfully you at the same time.  Use others not to dishearten yourself but to inspire you
  4. Temperance – Sometimes it is not what you put in a presentation as what you leave out that makes it so powerful. Less is more in this scenario. (So long as what you leave in is the core message!)

I have not covered all the sins or virtues.  Do you have any additional thoughts?

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