6 Examples of ‘faulty thinking’ about presenting?

imagesWhen people share with me that they are frightened of presenting and speaking in public it often boils down to one of two reasons:

They don’t know what to say or how to say it or

Faulty thinking…

I have written many many blogs on the ‘what to say and how to say it’ (and check out the workshops I run too!) but here are six examples of what I mean by faulty thinking…

1. I can’t present because I once did it and it all went terribly wrong.  Just because it went wrong once doesn’t mean to say it will again, especially if you can reflect objectively (or ask someone to help you) learn from that situation.

2. I can’t present because I saw someone frowning and huffing and puffing in the audience.  It was one person, not everyone.  They might just have easily been concentrating and focusing on your content.  Not everyone will agree or like what you have to say and that is OK.  Many more will – look out for them instead!

3. I can’t present because someone fell asleep once in my presentation.  Here you are taking one person’s action personally.

4. I can’t present because one person said they didn’t get it.  Be careful of focusing on one negative comment out of ten

5. I can’t present because they will all hate me.  This is a combination of making huge generalisations without any supportive evidence and also of seeing the world in black and white – they hate me/they love me.  The reality is there is lots of grey in between.  And that is OK too.

6. I can’t present because I answered a question wrong and therefore I am incompetent.  Be wary of making a feeling (cross/embarrassed at answering a question wrong) into a label (I am incompetent)  You answered a question wrong that is all.  You will have answered others right.  And you can go and find out the right answer.  And learn.

Check out more blogs on overcoming the fear of presenting or call Catherine on 07946604859 to chat about how I can help you .

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