30 Day Business Challenge…introductory Video

About a week ago, I  signed up for the 30 Day Business Challenge.  As part of a group of 30 entrepreneurial women in business all thirty of us will all be posting one vlog each day for thirty days.  That’s an awful lots of vlogs!

As we approach D-Day I must confess to some trepidation – what a challenge that is going to stretch me in all sorts of ways.  I LOVE talking ( no laughter please!) and yet the enormity of what I have signed up to is only just sinking in!  And at the same time this is just such a great opportunity to refine some of what I know into discrete ‘chunks’ and get to learn so much more about video, social media, you tube etc.  I am also delighted and honoured to be forming friendships with some amazing women with such a wide variety of backgrounds, interests and expertise.  I know that there will be friendships formed and learning shared and a whole lot of fun as well!

All our vlogs will be posted togther on www.30daybusinesschallenge.com so pop over and dip in when you get a chance.  Let us know your comments and questions and of course spread the word.

So, wish me luck…and I’ll be posting my vlogs here everyday starting on Friday 1st June.

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