Let me tell you a story:

Mark delivered a #Presentation He was well prepared. Had spent hours making sure his information was accurate. Making sure he had enough content to answer any questions the audience could throw at him. Designed slides that were detailed and right and comprehensive. Had run out of time to speak it out loud but either way, he’d admit that rehearsing was a bit embarrassing and after all, he knew his stuff so maybe that didn’t matter too much.

No one could have accused him of not preparing.

But when he stood up and started talking all he could see was blank faces. He carried on regardless. But he’d speeded up, sounded dull and quite frankly lost interest in what he was saying. And it just became a vicious circle. He was bored. They were bored.

What had gone wrong?

Lots but here are the headlines:

Mark told the audience what he wanted to say, not what they needed to hear

He downloaded information rather than engaged and focused on the audiences

He made the mistake of thinking of detailed slides and the time spent on detailed content was the same as preparing how to deliver dynamically.

Fortunately, he booked a series of sessions. And realised it doesn’t have to be like this. And has learned how to do it differently. #speakercoach

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