I made some banana and blueberry muffins the other day.

I forgot the blueberries!

They were in the recipe. I’d got them out ready and they were on the worktop. But I’ve made these a thousand times before and just didn’t bother to check the recipe or even consciously think ( my mind was on other things).

So my boys called them Banana and Blueberry Surprise Muffins. the surprise is…there are no blueberries.

The point of this little domestic story is that it didn’t really matter. I can report that Banana muffins are delicious. And if I hadn’t have told the boys, they wouldn’t have known. And so it is with presentations. Sometimes we have the script or plan, we’re really well organised but somehow we forget one of the ‘ingredients’. A lot of the time maybe it doesn’t matter. After all, the audience doesn’t know.

But on some occasions, it will really matter. Imagine if I’d forgotten the flour or the eggs. Disaster! We need a plan. We need a prompt. We need to be fully present ( and not have our minds somewhere else) And we need to know what are the vital ingredients in the first place.

What are your thoughts? Hit me with your questions, comments- even your baking-related disasters.!

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