How do you structure a presentation?

What a kerfuffle.

Mum’s having her bathroom replaced and yesterday the skip arrived for all the waste materials. Well, it was like a game of Tetris In order for the skip to get in the drive, mum’s car had to be moved out. In order for mum’s car to move out, I had to move my car. In order for me to move my car, the bathroom chap had to move his. And then everything in reverse You get the drift.

Building a presentation can be a bit like that sometimes. If you are serious about not just getting the right content to support your message, but getting the sequencing right as well, you have to think strategically. What’s going to go where? And after what? And before what? I call this shaping your content. And it’s massively different and far more effective than simply listing or downloading your information.

The skip is going tonight. So it’s back to our Tetris again. But the good news is, we can have a shower in a beautiful bathroom to celebrate!!

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