What people say after your presentation…

and what they really mean

after your presentation

What people say and what they really mean:

“Thanks for enlightening us”

But you didn’t really think about us at all and what we already knew. In fact you’ve just spent time lecturing at us and missing the point completely.

“Lovely font on your slides”

Your voice was so boring and you stayed glued behind the lectern for so long I spent my time reading the slides and wondering where you got the font from. At least it wasn’t comic sans script.

“Shame you got the graveyard slot”

It was so warm, and cosy. My belly was full from lunch and thankfully you did nothing to engage me, wake me up from my slumbers or in any way demand my attention. Thank you.

“Could you send me your slides?”

Your slides had so much information on them that it will be much more pleasant and easier to read them at home in my own time, at my own speed. I can read you know.

“Where did you get your dress?”

Sorry – you’ve been delivering a key message? Nothing attracted my attention other than that dress. Your pulling and tugging helped keep my mind on the colour, material and skirt length.

“You’ve got sunburn on the back of your neck”

You’ve spent the entire presentation turned towards the screen while you read the PowerPoint slides. Couldn’t help noticing your sunburn. That’s going to hurt in the morning.

“You must have put a lot of work into that presentation”

I have to hand it to you – lots of prep, lots of data, lots of time spent putting the information on the slides. Couldn’t tell you what your point was – but very appreciative of your hard work.

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