10 Ways to Ruin your Presentation

imagesFive Ways to guarantee a ruined presentation at the Preparation Stage:

  1. No planning of key message
  2. No planning of how to ‘shape ‘ that message
  3. No practicing of how that message will sound and look to the audience
  4. No checking of equipment in advance of the presentation
  5. Creation of notes that will not help you in an emergency and tie you down in the delivery.

Five Ways to ruin even a perfectly prepared presentation through your delivery

  1. Apologizing for anything at the start (cough, cold, tiny font, no time to prepare etc.)
  2. Starting to speak before you have grounded yourself and taken and released a breathe
  3. Starting to speak before you have connected non verbally with your audience (smile, eye contact, nods)
  4. Panicking if you lose your way or forget a word or phrase and then telling the audience exactly what you are thinking and how you are panicking
  5. Diminishing the power of what you have to say with ‘belittling ‘ language e.g. ‘just’, ‘sorry’, ‘but’

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