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Yeah – but so what? Why should I listen further?

I was working with a client the other day on a major presentation for them. He outlined the content as it existed in his thoughts so far ( nothing shaped, crafted or created as yet) and asked for my feedback. ‘great content in essence’ I replied, “But…where is the perspective? What are you expecting the audience […]

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Presentations – an opportunity to snooze..or has the Speaker got the measure of you?

Think of a recent presentation you attended.  How involved did you get in that presentation?  Did it make you think?  Did it make you do something?  Did you feel something? If the answer to those questions was YES, then the chances are you will remember the content and may have cause to draw on it […]

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Supercharge your presentation…five things you MUST do to deliver engaging presentations

Imagine a world with no more Death by PowerPoint presentations? No more dull, predictable monotone monologues? No more hours wasted listening to information overload that you will instantly forget when you leave the room? No more irrelevant lists of information that have no connection or resonance with our lives and needs? Here are five ways […]

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What a typical, predictable and boring business presentation looks like…

What a typical, predictable and boring business presentation looks like… The Speaker starts to speak the moment they stand up without centering themselves or focusing the audience The Speaker introduces themselves, ‘Good morning my name is *******a and today I am going to talk to you about… The PowerPoint slides are already up: lots of […]

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Engaging Presentations

Enjoy it when people heckle? Or maybe you prefer it it if you are picked out as a volunteer – ways to involve your audience in a presentation

I was working with a private client this week and was delighted that she had done some research before we met: she had asked her three young sons (10, 8 and 5) what they most enjoyed about a good presentation (in their limited school experience) Son #1 said he thought it was great if someone […]

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But it is SO Dull – tips on how to present on the most dullest of subjects

Time and again I have listened to presentations (and you will have too) that are dull and predictable. We end up suffering from an information overload and death by PowerPoint!  On the other hand I have many clients who approach me and worry and fret that their topics are dull and predictable, it is more […]

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