Let’s Talk #Business Session


A 4 hour session, plus an on line review, to get clarity about the core messages that staff, clients and potential customers are receiving about you and your business. Where do you talk about your business and how well do you explain your vision, values and services/products? Do you give information or do you inspire? Do you give people detail that is bland or boring? Or do you engage, connect and attract potential clients and create raving fans of your existing clients. Book now and Catherine will call you to arrange a time for an initial chat and the session itself.

Product Description

A Let’s Talk#Business session with Catherine allows you to step back from the busy-ness of running your business to review and craft the core messages your team, colleagues, clients and potential customers are receiving from you. Undoubtedly you are out there telling your story online ( on your website, social media, blogs) and off line ( at networking events, conferences, one to one meetings, investment pitches and presentations).  The question is..what story are you telling?  How consistent is that story? How well does it represent where you and your business are at the moment? How easy is it for you to answer the question, “What is it that you do?’ and influence and have impact on your listeners and readers.

At a Let’s Talk#Business session you will get real clarity about what it is that you do , how you do it but more importantly the ‘Why you do what you do?’. And we look at all the places where you talk about your business and identify what is already working, what you may need to do more of, and what you need to start doing.  Because we all know that when we have clarity, decisions, plans and actions are much easier to take.

So, if you are wanting to strengthen the core messages you send out there or you want to get more clarity about your business and become better communicators in and out of your business, then contact Catherine and book your session.

A session typically last 4 hours and includes an off-line review in advance of the session.  Catherine uses a series of planned exercises and a Storytelling approach. This means you will get immediate results and an action plan to help you implement a communication plan. If at the end of the session you say it was great but do nothing with the outcomes of the session, then it will have been a wonderful, pleasant, fun waste of time.  So Catherine will make sure that you have support in place to follow up on actions.  And then it will have been a wonderful, pleasant, fun valuable investment.  That gets results.


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